Nate's Seafood Mardi Gras 2014 Musician List

Fat Tuesday, March 4th


Opening Act - 11:00am - 12:30pm


Aaron Burton


First Band - Two Sets from 12:45pm to 3:00pm and 5:45pm to 8:00pm


Perry Jones - guiter, piano, vocals

"Superstar" Harold Walker - drums, vocals

Tony DeCicco - 1st set bass

Cart "General Falls" Bush - 2nd set bass

Jackie Don Loe - guitar, vocals


Second Band - Two sets from 3:15pm to 5:30pm and 8:15pm to 10:30pm


Robin "Texas Slim" Sullivan - guitar, vocals

Joey Love - guitar, vocals

Bill Cornish - bass

Chuck "Popcorn" Louden - drums


Special Guests All Day and All Night - Open Jam from 10:45pm to 12:00am


Marc Benno - guitar, vocals

Chant Duplantier - guitar, vocals

Tutu Jones - guitar, vocals

Bobby Patterson - vocals

Lou Hampton - vocals

Paul Byrd - guitar, vocals

Brent Rozelle - guitar, vocals

Blue Lisa  - vocals

Andrea Dawson - vocals

Randy Ball - drums

Mike Johnson - saxophone

Gaika James - trombone

Jake Glenn - guitar, vocals


About Us

Please let us clarify the false notion that has been perpetrated by people trying to catch the Cajun food title. "We in Louisiana do not eat red pepper by the spoon and wash it down with hot sauce." Only playjun chefs think we do - these are people who are playing like they are Cajun. Real Cajun food is a delicate balance of spices married to only the finest raw materials and a marriage of equality, not dominance, of spices over food.

We here at Nate's pledge to do our best to serve you and your dietary tastes. Talk to us and let us know what kind of hungry you are, and we will do our best to satisfy your cravings.

Glossary- PLAYJUN - Someone who is playing like they are Cajun in the kitchen with no knowledge of balance when it comes to spicing food. Remember, we were Cajun when "Cajun" wasn't cool.


                                                                                                           Hilde & Nathan

P.S.  We all share one environment and probally won't get another.


Nate's Blues Series
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Where to Buy a Fried Turkey in DFW

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By Angela Patterson, Guide

According to an email from Nate, "I fried the first cajun turkeys commercially in the metroplex in 1991 and we have made many people happy with them." That's pretty cool. I've enjoyed Nate's turkeys over the past decade and they are delicious! Nate's has one of the best birds I've ever tasted.

This Cajun-fried treat is not just for the holidays; Nates will fry a turkey especially for you anytime during the year. Plan to call the day before you need a fried turkey. They need 24 hours notice to prepare one. In 2012, you can order your Thanksgiving Turkey starting November 1.

Cajun Fried Turkeys are $59.99.

Phone number to the Addison location is 972-701-9622.